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Using your Wex/Benny Card

Q: Can I use the Wex/Benny™ Card if I receive a statement with a “Patient Balance Due” for a medical service?

A: Yes. As long as you have sufficient funds in your Health Care FSA and/or HRA for the balance due, simply write the Benny™ Card number on your statement and send it back to the provider. Services rendered during a prior plan year cannot be placed on the Card and, therefore, must be submitted via a manual claim. Be sure to save all documents in case you are asked by SIEBA to submit these to verify a transaction.

Q: How do I use my Wex/Benny™ MasterCard® when a provider requires me to pay in full (in excess of my co-pay) at point of service?

A: You should not use your Wex/Benny™ Card if you plan to submit the expense to your health plan. You should pay the required amount with some other means at the point-of-sale and send the claim to your health plan. Then, for any amount not reimbursed by your health plan, submit a manual claim to SIEBA. 

Q: Can I use my Wex/Benny™ Card to pay for services incurred in a previous plan year?

A: No, the IRS regulations do not allow you to use your current FSA and/or HRA for previous plan year expenses. You’ll need to submit a manual claim to SIEBA. 

Q: How do I know how much is in my FSA and/or HRA account?

A: Visit the website, or call the number listed on the back of your Card to check the amount remaining in your account. It’s a good idea to know your account balance each time before you make a purchase with the Benny™ Card to be sure you have sufficient funds to cover your entire expense.

Q: What if I have an expense that is more than the amount left in my Healthcare FSA and/or HRA?

A: If the expense is more than your remaining FSA and/or HRA balance and the merchant puts through a request for the entire expense, the request will be declined. You can split the cost by telling the clerk you wish to use the Benny™ Card for the exact amount left in your FSA and/or HRA and then pay for the remaining amount separately. Or, you may pay the entire amount by a means other than Benny™ and submit a manual claim to SIEBA. By checking your account balance often, you will have a good idea of how much is available in your FSA and/or HRA.

Q: Do I need a new Wex/Benny™ Card each year?

A: No. Your Wex/Benny™ Card will be loaded with your new annual election amount at the start of each plan year. The card is good for five years.

Q: Where do I go for answers to my questions?

A: You can email flex(at)sieba.com, or call SIEBA at 800-252-4624.

Q: What if I lose my Card or need another one?

A: A replacement Card or an additional Card is $10. You can request a replacement Card through SIEBA. The fee will come from your flex account.

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