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Activating Your Card

Q. How to I active the Wex/Benny Card?

A: Call the toll free number on the activation sticker on your Card. You only need to activate one Card. Each user needs to sign one Card with his or her name.

Q. When can I start using the Wex/Benny Cards?

A: The Cards can be used the next business day following when you activate it.

Q: What dollar amount is on my Wex/Benny™ Card when I activate it?

A: Once you activate, the dollar value on your Card will be the annual full amount you elected to contribute to your Healthcare FSA during your annual benefits enrollment and/or the total value of your HRA minus any reimbursement made prior to the Card activation or the balance in your account at the time of activation. It’s from those amounts that eligible FSA and/or HRA expenses will be deducted as you use your Card or submit manual claims. Prior to each use, it’s a good idea to visit the website, mobile app, or call the number listed on the back of your Card to check the amount remaining in your account.

Q: If asked, should I select “Debit” or “Credit”?

A: The Benny™ Card is a stored-value card. You may choose “credit” and sign the receipt, or you may choose “debit” if you have set up the 4-digit PIN#.

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